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  1. New event coming—Chat with Prof. Damien Woods!
  2. Job Advertisements!
  3. Seeking feedback!
  4. Interested in helping out, sharing something interesting, or have an idea for something we could do?

1. New event coming—Chat with Prof. Damien Woods!

TheMeet the Molecular Programmer” podcast series focuses on casually chatting with professors about their academic and life experiences. We believe that their research can be easily accessed, but the experience behind and wisdom obtained during the path is more valuable and worth sharing to younger students. For our previous “Meet the Molecular Programmer” podcast series, please check it here.

We will get to know Prof. Damien Woods and chat with him on Sep. 30th. Please submit your questions!.

Damien Woods is at the Hamilton Institute, Maynooth University, Ireland, where his group conducts research on molecular computers: collections of carefully engineered DNA molecules that bump into each other and interact in a test tube to solve some computational problem. His focus is on both the underlying computational theory and implementation in the lab. The work is funded by the European Research Council (ERC) and Science foundation Ireland (SFI).

He traveled for a bit, doing research in Inria (France, 2016-2018), a long stint at Caltech (USA, 2009-2016), as well as University of Seville (Spain) and University College Cork (Ireland). His PhD is from Maynooth University (Ireland).

He enjoys whiteboarding, pipetting, AFMing and other scientific sports.

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3. Seeking feedback

Hello molpigs subscribers, we are enthusiastic about improving, and making molpigs better! We’d really like to get your feedback on what you like and what we could be doing better. We’ve made a feedback survey, it’s a little long but feel free to only answer the questions you want to/can answer.

4. Interested in helping out, sharing something interesting, or have an idea for something we could do?

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