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  1. Podcast—Panel session #1—Meet the Committee!
  2. New event coming—Chat with William Poole!
  3. Job Advertisements!
  4. Interested in helping out, sharing something interesting, or have an idea for something we could do?

1. Podcast—Panel session #1—Meet the Committee!

The Molpigs committee are experimenting with a new podcast format–Panel discussion!

The idea of the Panel session is to initiate some discussion from students’ perspective about graduate school/research related questions. The conversation represents attendants’ personal thoughts at the current stage of life.

Different from the other podcast style where we chat with our guests, currently the panel session is a discussion among the molpigs committee (Hannah Earley, Anastasia Ershova, Georgeos Hardo and Boya Wang).

As the four of us have together pushed molpigs forward (excitingly we have released more than 10 podcast episodes!), the first episode of the panel discussion is a brief introduction and discussion about ourselves! Interestingly, half of us are located in the UK and half are in the US (distance didn’t separate us apart!), so we start with some background about the education system between the two. We chatted about why we joined the molpigs committee. We had a friendly conversation about the term “molecular programming”. We slightly touched on the topic of graduate school mental health. And we disclosed what we want to achieve the most at the current stage.

We hope that this episode serves as a start for more difficult topics in the future! ;-) As we move on to future episodes, we would like to hear about your feedback/support! If you like it, please let us know! If you would like to hear about certain topics or have any suggestions, please send them here. Molpigs Forum is also open for discussion!

Enjoy this episode!

2. New events coming—Chat with William Poole!

We will talk with William Poole in a few days!

William Poole received his B.Sc. from Brown University in Biological Physics and is scheduled to complete his PhD in Computation and Neural Systems from Caltech in summer 2021 (co-advised by Erik Winfree and Richard Murray). Broadly, his research interests involve developing mathematical and computational tools to understand “how cells think” and “how to program cells”. He views systems biology and synthetic biology as two sides of the same coin; to truly understand and control biological systems we will need fundamentally new ways of thinking about biochemical computation. For inspiration, he has looked to statistical physics, machine learning, and computer science. He also believes that doing theory in a vacuum, without close contact to experimentalists, is counterproductive towards developing the tools that will drive science and technology forward. Towards this end, he also dabbles in the wet lab side of synthetic biology with an eye towards applications in green technology and sustainability.

If you have any questions, please send them here!

3. Job Advertisements!

4. Interested in helping out, sharing something interesting, or have an idea for something we could do?

If so, please get in touch with us! Shoot us an email at contributions AT <this domain>, there are loads of ways you can get involved, and many we haven’t even thought of, but here’s a few ideas of what you could do:

We’re looking forward to getting to hear from you, and getting to know you better!