Hello everyone!

Thank you so much for signing up to molpigs and showing your support, we already have over 120 members!

I’m very excited to start organising events after DNA26. If you have some time to spare, I would like to invite your feedback on what sorts of events you would be most interested in or if there are any other things you could think of that would be worth doing. It would also be good to get an idea of what platforms you would be most happy with. Currently, we have yet to seek sponsorship so are making use of a free discord for discussion, though we will be planning to move to another platform in time for the first events.

We will also be aiming to form a committee. If you are interested please fill in the form. The positions will include Secretary and Treasurer, though there is certainly room for more positions such as Events Coordinator, Webmaster/IT Officer, etc.

Best wishes,
Hannah Earley